Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Birthday Card

Life has been busy and we also went away for a week during this last school holiday, a much needed break!  Just before we left, a friend asked if I could make her 5 Girl birthday cards, and 5 Boy birthday cards.  I don't say no to an opportunity to make a card ( I haven't found a crafty group in my corner of the world yet, so I don't often make cards anymore, very sad).

Anyhow, here is one of the Girl cards I made, nothing fancy, but I enjoyed all those girly colours.

It's been a while since I stamped a Cupcake!

Have a fabulous day!


Lisa said...

Super cute birthday card Brenda! Nice to see a post from you ;)

Martha said...

Hi, Brenda! What a darling birthday card this is. I love the sweet hearts and cupcake.

Have a lovely week.