Friday, November 4, 2016

Stacked Birthday Gifts on a Card

Let me share another Birthday card I made a while ago before this blog gives up on me totally!

Using as many bright colours as I possibly could seeing as this card would go to a child.

This blog is a sad situation, I know, and I am sorry.  I used to look so forward to creating something to share with virtual "friends".  It seems like such a long time ago.  I think I was really hooked when I lived in the USA, it also helped that I had my friend Lisa 3 houses down and we both blogged and made handmade cards.

I am still blown away at how this move to this new town has impacted me.  And I take full responsibility for allowing the current situation to hit me so negatively.  Every day is a challenge to "snap out of it", and I will, I have the strength, I know I do, but , I'm just not succeeding right now.

So just bear with me as I work my way at my own pace through this new season in my life.  I am still very creative, mostly learning to draw, and perhaps I will get up the nerve to share my attempts.  Card making happens only now and then.  I know the solution, I know what to do to get that fire going again, I need "my people", but, this town is different to other towns I have lived in, and I still need to figure it out, and perhaps they still need more time to figure me out!

Have a blessed day!

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Felicity Strohfeldt said...

Hi brenda. my name is felicity Strohfeldt. i live on the west coast of the westerncape in a small town, velddrif and i'm an avid zentangler. i enter Adele Bruno'ss challenge regularly. i don't know if you've seen that she has created a world tangle map with all her challenge friends on it. We are five participants in South Africa. she placed us all on the south east coast. i sent her a map correcting three tanglers location, myself, susan theron and adri van wyk. she emailed her approval and mentioned you'd moved and she wasn't sure of the location. See you're in Brenton on Sea. what a beautiful area. Perhaps you might let adele know so that she can fix her map. Let me know if i may do it for you. i have the map in my picture file. kind regards felicity