Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Bit of Cheer

This is my first time using Bronx Cheer, a tangle created by the founders of Zentangle®.  I created a very CAS (clean & Simple) tile and I like it.

Brenda Urbanik - CZT#13 -
Bronx Cheer; Afterglo; Pokeleaf

Still playing with Carole Ohl's Afterglo, I just love that tangle, especially when you overlap it and draw it from behind.  Something about all those stripes and how when you connect the points the magic happens!

I'm giving my first Organic Tangles class this morning and am rather excited.  I've worked on some samples that I really have enjoyed putting together.  I'm hoping the ladies enjoy it too.

Winter has arrived, the air is so fresh bringing with it a new sense of energy.

Have a wonderful day!


Adele Bruno said...

Brenda, this is beautiful.

Cindy C. said...

Wow I like this very much too Brenda!! I think it's breathtaking!!

Lisa said...

Very pretty Brenda, I LOVE the berries!!

Martha said...

Brenda, this tile is SO pretty. I love the design!

Best wishes with your classes.