Friday, May 27, 2016

Birthday Wishes

Just a quick post as we are off on a 3 hour road trip to watch our daughter play in a 30 minute hockey match, and then driving back!  The things we do for our children!

Here is a quick card I made the other day when I had friends over crafting and my one friend was going to discard the embossed panel you will see on my card.  I said, no, no, no, I am sure I can make something with that!  (Sound familiar?)

It's been a while since I used my embossing folders.  I inked the colder itself in order for the "daisies" to stand out.

Have a wonderful day!


Cindy C. said...

I like how those daisies stand out!! Sweet card!

Jacqueline said...

All for keeping 'write-offs' that have potential! Pretty card, Brenda! Have a lovely afternoon and evening :)

Martha said...

Brenda, what a darling birthday card. The colors are striking. I love how you used the inked-embossing-folder-technique.

Virginia Lu said...

Lovely! I love see this embossing folder in use! (I have one somewhere...) I really like that yellow you used. Well done, Brenda!