Monday, March 10, 2014

Zendala Fun

When I went to the CZT training last year one of the things we did was tangle a pre-strung Zendala (Mandala + Zentangle).  I loved that first one I did, something about repeating the patterns in various sections really appealed to me, and also the shape of the Zendala, round.

So the other day  I decided to draw my own string onto a blank Zendala and tangle it.  I went very plain, I just used various sized circles.  And then also decided I wanted to use some colour so I took my blue micron and this was the result after some shading:

Afterglo, Inapod, Barberpole, Birds on a Wire, Knase

It took me a whole day to decide whether to add shading or not, I loved the clean crisp blue, black and white look but I know that shading does add such lovely depth.  Then another CZT suggested I use a blue pencil crayon to shade the blue tangles and a normal graphite pencil to shade the black tangles, and that's what I did.

I hope you like it!


Donna Hornsby, CZT#3 said...

Just gorgeous!

Martha said...

OH MY...OH MY, Brenda!
This is simply BEAUTIFUL!!!!
You knocked this one WAY OUT out of the park! The shading & the pretty colors are fabulous! Beautifully done! ♥

Robin K. said...

Wow! This is stunning Brenda! It reminds me of a decorative ceramic plate!

Trinh said...

I love it!! I agree with Robin about the ceramic plate. Gorgeous piece of art!

Cindy C. said...


Lisa said...

I thought you were sharing a photo of a pretty plate! WOW Brenda this is fantastic!

Stella said...

Brenda this looks like the most delicate and fragile tableware. Wow; you did a fantastic job and the colors are gorgeous. You have a fab eye for design!