Thursday, September 20, 2012

Christmas Tags

I am trying to make a bunch of Christmas Tags that can be used as cards, a one stop shop so to speak. (I will also share a little about some volunteering I did yesterday so read past the crafty stuff if you are interested).

My new love has to be that awesome Envelope Liner Background stamp by Hero Arts!  I think it's going to be one of those that can be used anywhere and anytime.  I combined that with the "Bring on The Merry" clear set from Hero Arts and some of 2011's designer papers from MME called "12 Days of Christmas".

I used some Tea Dye Distress ink to ink the background and the edges.  The images were stamped and paper pieced, I also did a tiny bit of Copic colouring on the little girl.  (Man, she was quite something to paper piece!  See that little hand at the end of her thin arm, well I had to colour, cut and adhere that teeny tiny piece of paper!).  Here are the tags in a close up:

and here is the other:
It was fun and S-L-O-W going! 

Ok, for more important things.  I joined a group of ladies in visiting a home for abandoned children yesterday, it's called Thandi House and is about 5km from my house.  Their ages range from 2 weeks to 16 years.  There are 18 children in this particular home.  The sad thing, which is quite strange to me, was actually the state of the home that these kids are in (even though I know it's 100 times better than what they had).  It's just really tough when you get to see it first hand.  Rubbish is piling up  outside, a real health hazard, the garden needs to be tended to, the house needs to be given a total fresh coat of paint, they need shelving and plastic bins to be able to sort clothes and toys into (all from donations).  Anyway, the list goes on....I went there to see what and if there was anything I could do.  The rest of the ladies were there to plant some flowers and try to tidy up the garden a bit, another bunch of them played music to the kids, and I just held them, told them how beautiful and wonderful and special they are.

The hard part is leaving, and feeling a sense of hopelessness, knowing that there are many more homes like this.  I know it's a start for these kids, but why should their lives have to begin this way!  I was shocked AND relieved when I learned that there was a "safe box", like a large safety deposit box in town where you can go and drop off your baby/child if you don't want them and it immediately results in a call to the people running the home, and they drive down and go and fetch the child!  Can you even begin to comprehend this!

I am reluctant to share any photos of the children as I do not know all their "stories" but here is a precious child, (I won't say her name), she is 2,5 years old and almost blind, and she just rested in my arms. 

She has apparently improved greatly in the short time she has been there, from only crawling with her face almost stuck to the concrete trying to maybe smell her way around, she now walks around and it's hard to tell that she cannot see!  They think she may be able to see shadows, hopefully when funds come in she can have further tests done.

This house is in the middle of the bush and was given up for the children by a very young couple, who now live in the garage with their son and adopted daughter who was found, by pure chance, when a man walked past a black plastic bag and saw it move!

So, I know, it's a long post and I have not even told you the half of it.  I have no idea what my role will be and if it will be anything.  I hope it can be. I just wanted to share my sense of desperation, my frustration, my admiration, my confusion, my lack of understanding for the reasons why...

Hugs to all!


Martha said...

Sweet, Brenda! I came here to comment on your ADORABLY SWEET tags...and at first, I found myself smiling...and then as I continued to read...I found myself crying and needing some tissue!

Everything about your SWEET tags is just perfectly adorable. I love the background, and all the paper piecing. I couldn't stop smiling when you mentioned the paper pieced hand. You are one gifted and patient crafter! Beautifully done, and I look forward to seeing more of your sweet tags!

What a blessing that you made yourself available to these precious children! I love that you "held them, and told them how beautiful, wonderful, and special they are." You have a heart of gold.♥ What a SPECIAL and HEART-WARMING thing to do ♥, there is nothing like a tender loving touch and nothing like sweet soothing words! My heart just completely melted! Thank you for sharing this heart-wrenching, and yet heart-warming experience and photos with us! Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

Sending you BIG Hugs, my friend!
-Much Love ♥

Lisa said...

Your little tags are darling Brenda, festive and sweet.

I will keep these precious little ones in my prayers Brenda. And you as well, this must be so difficult to witness. Take care, it was good to hear from you again.

Barb said...

Oh, Brenda, that is so sad, but like you said, so good that these children at least have a safe place to live. I admire you for going to see them and I know your presence there, your caring heart and gentle soul, has touched each one of them. Please keep us informed as to where this leads you.

By the way - your card tags are adorable! Sending you hugs!

Rosemary said...

your tags are so adorable, brenda! thank you for sharing your volunteer experience.. what a heartbreaking situation! words are inadequate to express what i felt as i read your post, but know that i will be praying for those children and for what role you will play in their lives!

alexandra s.m. said...

Hello dear Brenda,

I love your tags and I feel your sense of desperation.
I cannot even begin to imagine what the situation must be like. I hope you'll share more on that.


Arlene said...

Incredible tale. Very well told too.

Dawn said...

your tags are delightful Brenda... and what a sad and moving rest of your post. Sometimes it is very difficult to understand the poverty in the world. I'm sure that your will be able to do something helpful. My thoughts are with you and these children.

Elizabeth Allan said...

Adorable tags Brenda!

You are an amazing woman. I know that every child there benefited from your love, hugs and support.

walchowDesign said...

Brenda, it must have taken you so much courage to visit all these children knowing that you will be witnessing all these. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Beautiful tags!

Michelle said...

Brenda, this story is heartbreaking! I will be praying for them!
Hope you and your family are doing well! Love your beautiful Christmas tags!

Laurie said...

Brenda I loved reading your post! I will keep you in my prayers and that sweet little baby!

Your tags are adorable! TFS!

Jacqueline said...

How privileged you were to be able to give some love to these children! Congratulations with your spot on the Hero Blog showing these cutie tags too!