Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vagabond For Sale

Sadly, I need to say goodbye to my Vagabond!  I was so excited when I purchased it in August 2010 and now I need to part with it.  The voltage between the US and South Africa is totally different.  So, I am back to a manual die cutting machine, but that's fine too.

So, I have looked at the deals out there and I believe that I will be asking a fair price.

This beauty is going for $100 (shipping for your account) and includes:

- The Vagabond machine
- Power supply
- The original Platform with the Solo Shim
- 2 Standard cutting mats (brand new - just purchased for the buyer)
- Wafer -Thin Die Adapter (so that you can use your Nestabilities and PTI dies for example.  This was an extra that I purchased)
- Instruction booklet

I think it only makes sense to make this available to those residing in the  US.  Payment will need to be made via Paypal.  You can contact me via e-mail at brendaurbanikatgmaildotcom.

See you tomorrow with a card I hope!

Wishing you an awesome day!


ThePurplePlace said...

Awww! I am sorry to hear that you can't use your Vagabond! I also didn't realized you were moving to South Africa! I hope it's a wonderful trip!!

Best of luck and congrats on your move too!!

Virginia L. said...

I SO wish I live in the US!! What a STEAL this is, Brenda!!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering why you are not buying a transformer. When I came to the US we brought one, so I could use all my European kitchen gadgets and my sewing machine, too. Everything works perfectly fine with it. Hugs, Barbara

Michelle said...

Oh man, parting is such sweet sorrow! Sorry you can't take this with you. :(

alexandra s.m. said...

An incredible deal for you know that I own 2 die-cutting machines and I'm actually trying to resist your offer...CRA.ZY!!!