Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Want to Thank You!

A while ago I received an envelope with some lovely Christmas themed clear stamp sets in it, unfortunately there was no note inside to let me know who had been so kind to me.  I went back to all the sites I had recently participated in for an OWH Bloghop, (that't the only connection I could make), and I came back with no additional information.

There was a return address sticker on the front of the envelope which was a little beat up so I could only make out a few of the letters of the first name and then could see the last name - so, it looks like it is from Laura Pervier!

Laura, I have searched HI and LO for you and still cannot find you, so you are doing a great job of remaining anonymous (until now I guess), but I really would like to thank you personally!  So please, Laura, or anyone who knows Laura, just pop me a comment on this post or e-mail me through blogger so that I can get back to you!  And thank you!  I was very, very touched!

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Virginia L. said...

Thanks for sharing this, Brenda! A sweet and true giving/receiving story-perfect time for Christmas! ...Yes, Virginia! There is a Santa...