Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Diva Challenge #329

I had some time to participate in the latest Diva Challenge, you can find all the details on her blog HERE.  Marguarite Samama is the guest blogger there and wanted us to use the Fragment D1 from the Zentangle Primer book.  I sat down over a cup of coffee and enjoyed my tangling.
Fragment D1; Printemps

And on a side note, I also had time to create some other tiles that I will just share here.
 Molygon; Scute; Tipple; Somnus; Flux
Diva Dance; Hollibough; Hypnotic; Lisbon Fragment

It's raining, I am happy!  Have a blessed day!


Marguerite said...

I really like your D1 tile Brenda! Thanks for participating!

Michele Wynne said...

These are all so lovely Brenda!

Anne's tangle blog said...

I love that Diva tile Brenda! The others are also beautiful. Long time ago that there was a tangler from South Africa joining the challenge :-)

Annette P. said...

All three are wonderful! I like them all!

Jean Chaney said...

Very nice tangling. I love the Printemps shadow behind the fragment!