Thursday, September 1, 2016

It's A String Thing #160

I managed to make some time to participate in Adele's latest Zentangle Challenge.  You can find all the details on her blog HERE.  We were to use the tangles Fengle and Shattuck.  It's been a while since I actually played with these two.

I found the string that was offered as the starting point a bit of a challenge for these two tangles, but seeing as a string is only a suggestion, it wasn't long into my tangling when the pen did its own thing in true Zentangle style.  I used a little bit of Striping to embellish the one Fengle. So here is my first tile:

I wasn't entirely happy with this one and decided to tackle another tile, this time a Renaissance tile, here it is, it made me a little happier as I ignored the string altogether.  For this one I used the tangle A-Dalpha to decorate the inside of Fengle.

Have a lovely day.  Today we celebrate Spring Day here in South Africa, although I still think officially it's on the 21st.

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