Monday, May 23, 2016

Purely Zentangle

Here are some Zentangle tiles I did recently, two of them were for challenges.

It's A String Thing #145

We had to use two specific tangles:

SKYE by Margaret Bremner
ANTIDOTS by Anita Roby-Lavery

SKYE is brand spanking new and I need a lot of practice, a lot!  It still feels too calculated for me. You'll see I did one with sort of wobbly lines, that was intentional, I wanted to see what it would looked like.  I'm going to have to loosen up a bit more in order to enjoy this one properly.

DIVA Weekly Challenge #268: A Bit-o-Black

I enjoyed this one!  The tangles used are Fugu, Crescent Moon, Batumder and Meringue

And this was a just for fun one!

Here I tangled with Fife, KRLI-Q's, Ellish, Baton and ING.

Have a blessed day!


Lisa said...

So PRETTY Brenda!! Can you imagine a kitchen backslash made with your fabulous Zentangle tiles!! Maybe in your new house ;)

Cindy C. said...

I don't know much about Zentangle, but I do enjoy your work! They do look like a lot fun to do!!