Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mothers' Day Cards

Living in South Africa we have our fair share of challenges.  Right now we are faced with a Postal Strike for example.  So what does that mean, well, the two cards I made for Mothers' Day and sent to my Mother and my Mom-in-Law are currently "somewhere" but not where they should be!

So I will post them here, which I had meant to do anyway.

The cards make use of stamps from Hero Arts, Altenew and Papertrey Ink.

Sorry Moms that you have not received your cards yet, but I did have you in my thoughts when I made these and they were sent with lots of love!

Postal Strikes makes a cardmakers life a bit of a nightmare.  Because unless you can hand deliver the card, the effort is pretty much wasted other than some personal satisfaction in creating something!

I'm giving some thought to this blog as I really do hate to leave it neglected for so long.  I like to work towards a purpose, I am one of those that need a plan to work to.  Even if the plan stipulates "post a card on a Monday and on a Friday", I just need a structure.

Are there more bloggers like me out there or am I alone?

I'm also busy with quite a variety of "crafts/arty things" so those take up time, but maybe I can find a way to incorporate that into my blog somehow without boring my poor readers.  So please bear with me whilst I rethink this a little.

Have a fabulous day.  And of course, if you have some words of wisdom to share on the topic I am definitely listening.  I would love to hear what "method" you have adopted to keep your blog alive.


Cindy C. said...

Hi Brenda both these cards are beautifully done! I agree, postal strike is a card maker's worst nightmare! We have our fair share in Canada too!

I think one way to get more traffic to come onto your site is to enter some challenges. Having a specific plan is good, say you pick a few challenges and enter on a regular basis. a2z is currently having a CAS challenge as well as a DT call, and I know you like Hero Arts things so come on over to check it.

Martha said...

Brenda, your Mother's Day cards are simply beautiful. They will be loved once they are received, regardless of when that may happen. So sorry to hear about the Postal strike.

You are not alone. I can relate to your thoughts/feelings about blog posting.

Lisa said...

Well that stinks that the postal strike happened just when you needed those Mother's Day cards to get where they needed to be!! I'm sure both mom's understand. That's the way we mom's are, right!! They are lovely and will most certainly be enjoyed when they finally arrive. I feel like I neglect my blog sometimes too. I take care of my granddaughter 5 days a week. An 18 month old sure can suck up your energy LOL!! But she's worth it ;)

Jacqueline said...

Beautiful cards with lovely colors!
Your postale strike means you cannot receive mail either? That is a huge frustration and I can understand that it deprives you of a lot of, lets say, 'normal' joy!!
I am not sure its a bad thing to neglect the blog - its not neglecting its just entering into a phase where other things matter or the inspiration is not flowing. I have accepted that I'm in that place a lot more of the time than I used to be. I tell myself to go with the flow and not force creativity. I love going to flea markets in the weekend and finding bargains to add a bit of rustic style to the house at the moment.
May you be blessed, Brenda!