Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Cards Have Arrived

In the USA!  I can hardly believe it as we have been having so many postal problems to and from South Africa.  I was pleasantly surprised when my Mother In Law told me yesterday that both hers and my Father In Law's birthday cards arrived, in the month of their birthdays!

I was beginning to question myself as to whether I should continue to make cards because what was the point if I couldn't send them to the people I love.  So I am thrilled, there is hope!  Here are the two cards I sent:
This funny one was for my F-I-L (apologies for the poor photo quality).
And this one was for my Mom in Law.

Have a blessed day!


Lisa said...

Terrific birthday cards, glad they finally arrived!!

Judy1223 said...

Hi Brenda! That is such a bummer that the mail is so difficult...I'm really happy that both cards made it to their recipients on time! I adore both cards...especially that "old goat" card! I just bought that SSS set and I think it is a riot! Fun paper on your card base and great coloring! I also love your pretty roses...lovely colors, I'll bet your mother-in-law loved it!