Sunday, October 18, 2015

It's A String Thing #114

I am trying to get back to my "normal" life, that life when I made time to tangle and make cards!  It seems like a really long time ago!  I played with Adele Bruno's challenge for this week.  Here is my attempt at using the string and three tangles she had picked namely Ahh; Ta-Da; and Teenos:
Ta-Da; Teenos

I started with this and realised that I tend to stay away from tangles I have no idea what to do with.  While sitting on the beach watching Natasha and her friend playing with a dead "Pyjama Shark" and a live Octopus and some live Sea Urchins (gasp!!!) I realised that life is like this for many people, one of them me, that we stay away from things that make us uncomfortable!  In most cases what is the worst thing that can happen, well, simply that WE FEEL uncomfortable, surely in your 50's why should that actually matter, and quite frankly perhaps being in ones 50's has nothing to do with it anyway!

So I thought I would try another tile, this time an ATC, and actually use the third tangle that had been suggested, "Aah".  It's not that I don't like that tangle, it's just that for me it's one of those tangles I simply have no idea how or when to use or how to vary it.  So although I did use it, you'll see that I used it in a very minimalistic way, but I used it, and that's what counts.  I allowed myself to feel uncomfortable for a little while, and look, I am still alive and breathing!!!
Ta-Da; Teenos; Ahh

I even allowed myself to use some red and I thoroughly enjoyed the process!

Have a wonderful day and thank you for popping by to leave me your lovely comments!


Pam W Merwin said...

Always Amazing!

Martha said...

Hi, Brenda! So glad you are back to creating.
You sure used the tangle so beautifully!
Well done! ♥

Lisa said...

Beautiful Brenda!! The first has terrific movement and the second amazing depth!