Sunday, January 18, 2015

Zentangle® Bijou Tiles

For the lack of being able to share anything else, (I just have not had any time to make a card and yet I am very eager), here are some Bijou tiles I tangled during the November/December months that I can share with you.

Bijou tiles are new additions to the Zentangle story, they are 2X2" square tiles, so quite small but really nice to practice monotangles on or to just have fun on a smaller scale.

You can read how Bijou came about on this Zentangle Blog post, and the 2 videos are really quite cute too.  This is the site:

And here are some tiles I did:

I promise to come back with a card during the course of this week.  The new school year starts this Wednesday so after that I should have time.

Have a fabulous Sunday!


Cindy C. said...

These are really neat!! Happy New Year Brenda!!

Rosemary said...

love seeing your tangles, Brenda... these are fabulous (and cute, too!)!

Dawn Turley said...

fabulous Brenda.

Lisa said...

Those are really nice B! I think the smaller tile is a good idea- not quite so daunting maybe, and you wouldn't feel as inclined to have to fill the space. Love them! XX

Lisa said...

What a pretty assortment of littles you're sharing today Brenda! It amazes that they are 2"!!!

Pam W Merwin said...

As always ~ these are amazing!!!!!!