Monday, October 27, 2014

A "Cheat" Christmas Card

I call it a "cheat" because I used a pretty bird I cut out of some nice designer paper I found, only the background and sentiment is stamped.  I simply could not resist that bird.
Paper: cardstock (PTI); designer paper (Couture Creations)
Ink: Hero Arts; Memento
Stamps: Penny Black (Soft Whisper); sentiment (PTI)

On a personal note, and I don't really like to use this platform to share personal stuff, but I've thought about it and decided that if I can raise awareness for at least one person out there, then I've done something helpful today.

I have very recently had to undergo some rather mind blowing surgery on my face for Skin Cancer.  I'm fine, promise, it's just the extent of the surgery that sort of shocked me a bit, but scars will heal over time.

All I want to say is this, ladies, and men, check your skin regularly.  And don't feel stupid to go to the doctor if you think that tiny, tiny little pin prick of a black spot in your hairline where no one but you can see it is nothing, like me, or perhaps, also like me, you believed for over a year that you were scratching your nose, in the same spot, over and over in your sleep and therefore waking up with dried blood on the tip of your nose.  Just go to a dermatologist and have it seen too, and hopefully it's nothing.

Unfortunately it was not nothing for me, so here I sit with a not so pretty situation which will heal over time, but it could have been so much less traumatic, it could have been a quick zap in the doctors rooms.  Oh, and I am not a "sun worshiper" which is what every medical personnel asked me when I went into hospital.

Anyway, please, please check your skin today, if something looks odd to you, or if you think it looks different to the last time you saw it, just go, go and have it attended to.

Ok, that's it from me.  I'm all good, got the best plastic surgeon, great friends and family members both here and abroad who have been very encouraging.

Now off to make more Christmas cards as time is running short and soon the 25th of December will be upon us!


Dawn Turley said...

fabulous card Brenda. And thank you for sharing your story. My hubby has a history of skin cancers in his family, and has checks every three months. He's had a few surgeries and like you, would encourage everyone to have anything unusual checked.

joy said...

I love that pretty little bird you found for your card, Brenda!

Sharing your experience is sure to help others to be more vigilant about any skin abnormality they may have. You are so right, it can be less traumatic when caught at an early stage. I am sure your recovery will be a good one and with a good plastic surgeon, there will hardly be a scar to notice. Take care!!

Lin said...

Beautiful card, Brenda! And sending you hugs and healing thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Geez, so sorry to hear you had to go through skin surgery but so happy you are well now. Thanks for reminding people to not ignore changes in their skin and go see a doctor asap. Have a great day. Jackie CZT XIII

Stella said...

Brenda your card is lovely!

It;s a good thing to share your story. I a so sorry to hear you had surgery and time will heal the scars. But it still is cancer and dealing with that will keep your mind and heart busy (how do you say that,,,Is this English? Do you know what I mean??)

Sending a big hug your way!

Cindy C. said...

It's beautiful card Brenda!! There's nothing wrong by using a cut out from designer paper, it's like using a die cut of chip board! :)
Sorry to hear about your surgery, I wish you speedy healing!! Hugs!!

Lisa said...

Prayers for you Brenda for a speedy healing and recovery. My goodness the things we must endure. takes care...great card by the way!

Judy1223 said...

Brenda, I love that bird image, I can totally see why you wanted to use it on your lovely card! It's beautiful!

Thanks for sharing your story -- my mom just went through something very similar, advanced skin cancer on her arm that wasn't detected early (even though she regularly sees a dermatologist). Your advice is excellent -- get checked and, of course, always use sunscreen! So glad you are recovering and thanks for sharing your story, it will help!

Barb said...

Just reading this now, Bren and I'm soooo glad you're alright! It sounds like the same procedure my hubby had near his nose and eye. It really is a shock to see the scars and bruising after the surgery but you're right - those will heal. Sending you lots of hugs and praying for speedy healing! ♥