Monday, April 14, 2014

Zendala & Watercolours

I brought my small Koi watercolour set to the beach, which is a good thing.  I did a light watercolour wash to my blank Zendala tile and then designed a string and tangled it.  I really like how it came out:

Brenda Urbanik CZT#13 -
Fassett; Msst; Antidots; Rick's Paradox

The subtle colours were influenced by being at the beach!

Have a wonderful day!


Lisa said...

Beautiful Brenda! I like the soft sunny yellows and watery blues!

Lin said...

Beautiful, Brenda!

Moz said...

This is so inspiring Brenda! Love the softness of the colors and the tangles just seem to sway with it all! Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

Pam W Merwin said...

OH MY GOODNESS - this is amazing! BEAUTIFUL :)

Robin K. said...

This is beautiful Brenda! I can totally see the influence the beach had in your design and colors!

Martha said...

OH, this is another BEAUTY, Brenda! I love how you added the pretty colors. Beautifully done! ♥