Sunday, April 27, 2014

Renaissance & Zendala Class

I held my 3rd class with the same group of Pietermaritzburg tanglers this last Wednesday.  As it always is, we all had a lot of fun and experienced utter enjoyment in the process and in each other's company!

In this class I introduced them to the Renaissance Tile and got them started on a Zendala (Mandala that is tangled).  Here is a picture of their Renaissance Tiles together:

Don't you just love that beautiful brown/Sepia with the black and the white!  Some of the ladies really do give us a good giggle as they put their brown Micron pen to the side and opt to work with their own brown marker, for no other reason but that they want to keep the ink in that Micron pen for as long as possible and only want to use it when they really know how to draw a tangle!  So, for that reason,  you will see some variations in the shade of the brown.

I just love their work, one stroke at a time, and anyone can draw!

And here is the Zendala I got them to tackle in the class.  We knew that we could not finish the entire Zendala in the class but they at least got all the tangles and managed to fill in a few sections.  Here is the sample I made for the class:

Brenda Urbanik CZT#13 -

I love Zendalas, the repetition in the round, it's just a wonderful moment once you draw that last stroke and you see the "whole" picture!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Lin said...

Beautiful, Brenda, and you're so lucky to be able to share this art with others!

Cindy C. said...

They all look amazing!!

And your Zendalas is awesome!! You are really enjoying Zentangle, aren't you!!! You have a wonderful Sunday too!!

Aimee P. Belair said...

Love your Ren tile class results!

Lisa said...

Great projects from your class Brenda and your last piece is stunning!!

Martha said...

OH, Brenda, how wonderful that you are sharing your passion with others. Love the fabulous creations!

AND...WOW...that round Zendala is one FABULOUS & BEAUTIFUL creation! ♥