Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Keep On Trying

I'm still struggling to produce anything really worthwhile, everything I make simply seems "blah", you know, uninteresting. I look at my patterned papers and I seem to have no clue how to use them anymore....what the heck!  I have to use them, I have too much!  Anyway,  I made a simple card using a lovely bird stamp that I saw Jennifer McGuire use in one of her recent online classes.

I have zero cards in my stash and I need quite a few, some for the Craft Shop and some for the Church, and then for Birthdays coming up...I really need to get cracking.  My lack of focus is getting in the way.  I also feel that my craft room needs a good clean out and a bit of re-organisation, and most likely a lot of things to give away to those in need.

Oh good, I feel slightly better already having shared my dilemma, thank you for listening! :)

Before I go I do want to say a big thank you to the following friends for their exquisite Christmas cards I found in my post box recently:

Martha Vaughan
Trinh Arrieta
Lai-Yoke v/d Wal-Chow
Dawn Turley

You ladies are simply wonderful!

Have an awesome day.  I am off to do some reading before my eyes close.


Lisa said...

Well I for one think this is a lovely sympathy card Brenda!! A good clean up and organizing extravaganza always helps me!!!

Dawn Turley said...

I love this CAS card Brenda. I agree, reorganizing the crafty area often gets the mojo going. I had a couple of weeks off and felt a bit slow but had to make a card using a technique that totally got me going...plus a couple of CAS cards... you will get there! Glad the card got there safely.

Jacqueline said...

That is such a lovely image!

Rosemary said...

wonderful sympathy card, brenda!

Stella said...

A beautiful sympathy card. The touch of color on the birds'feathers is just enough!

Trinh said...

Simple, sweet and just right for a sympathy card! I am feeling the same way about my supplies and craft room. Now I just need to tear myself away from the TV to get anything done.