Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Back from Seminar!

I'm back and still on cloud 9 from everything I learned I could do!  It was a fabulous CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) seminar in Rhode Island, Providence.  I learned so much, I accomplished so much and I now believe that "anything is possible one stroke at a time"™ as they say!

I was so surprised at how quickly I was able to let go and experiment with my tangling.  We did a fair amount of tangling in class, learning some of the basic principles.  The main focus was to teach us to teach, it really is Maria, Rick's and Molly's (their daughter) methodology that clinches the whole thing and puts it together so nicely that it is impossible to be dissatisfied with ones work.

Here is the very first tile we tangled:

And here, this is me just tangling at night (or early hours of the morning) before leaving to return to South Africa:

We were given a sketch book as a gift (the cover is personalised with our name in a beautiful calligraphy font penned by Maria herself), and I used this notebook to make all my notes from class, and all my practice tangles etc..  I also left spaces each day under my notes to insert the corresponding tiles we worked on, attaching them with photo corners.  So, if you see some ink showing through from the backside, that's why.

And a picture of me with Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, the founders of Zentangle ®.

I'll be back during the week with a card or two and of course, some more tangled tiles!

Thanks for visiting, have a brilliant day!


Maureen Morton said...

Ah, Brenda - I am so proud of you! I love how you have so many interests and talents. That grin on your face says it all - you feel so accomplished, and you should. It was fun following your journey on FB. You will make a great teacher! Congrats to you, dear friend.

Barb said...

Hi Bren! I am so happy you enjoyed it! First of all, you look adorable in that photo! I also want you to know, I can tell you've learned so much - seriously - that tile looks amazing! You created a depth and dimension that I haven't seen before in your other Zentangle creations! So awesome! Welcome home - glad you're back! :)

Pam W Merwin said...

So glad your trip was a success :) Looking forward to seeing your new creations. "Zentangling" is still an amazing method of art - I am still in awe!

Lisa said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time Brenda and it shows in the work you've posted here! You second photo of the two tiles entwined is amazing,can't wait to see more! You look so cute in this photo ;)

Martha said...

Sweet Brenda, welcome back!
Awwwhh, what a DARLING photo of the 3 of you! I love your enthusiasm about learning more! AND I'm certain your enthusiasm will continue to shine as you teach others.

WOW, you are one talented artist! Your new works-of-art are SPECTACULAR!

Happy crafting! ♥

Lisa said...

By the look on your face I know you had a wonderful time :) I am totally in love with your double tangle- I have never seen anything like it and I just love how you made it seem like 2 tiles-fantastic!
btw- what a great photo of you! You look so fit and trim girl!
Talk to you tomorrow!!XX

Dawn Turley said...

what excitement Brenda. You are so clever with your Zentangle tiles. Well done

Trinh said...

Welcome back, Brenda! Your artwork is beautiful & I can't wait to see more.

alexandra s.m. said...

I'm so happy and your work is imply amazing!

Ginny Stiles said...

OH how wonderful. I hope to have my photo taken with Rick and Marie too next June. If you have any hints for making the experience better let me know. Is there anything you wished you had brought or done differently?