Friday, September 20, 2013

String Thing #6

Adele is the owner of Tickled To Tangle blog and also a Certified Zentangle Teacher.  She has been so kind in answering numerous questions I have had, just so helpful and willing.  She has a weekly challenge on her blog called "It's A String Thing" and today I am submitting this tile for the latest challenge.

Because the string was created by Mirjam Baart, we were to use tangle patterns whose names begin with Ba.  Considering that I only knew one pattern that fit the bill, namely Bales, I had some quick learning to do and these are the additional patterns I went with:

- Barberpole
- Basketweave
- Batons

My favourite on this tile is Batons, I just love those little sticks that you can randomly position at an angle.  Adding that little bit of black in the corners I think makes it extra special.  Bales was a bit of a challenge as I decided to draw it at an angle and also growing larger, so I think some of the "bales" got warped in the end.

Adele, thank you for all your encouragement and advice.


Lisa said...

This is fabulous! I love the movement that it has and the look that it's arched!!

Lin said...

You're talking a whole different language here, Brenda, but I LOVE the results!

Pam W Merwin said...


Rosemary said...

amazing piece of work, Brenda.. you are becoming a zentangle master!!

Robin K. said...

This zentangle art is so intriguing Brenda!! I'm so glad you continue to share your efforts here:)

Martha said...

I'm really enjoying & loving all your fabulous Zentangle creations! This BEAUTY is just so eye-catching & beautiful! You are one gifted artist! Well done!

Hugs! ♥

Nat said...

hi Brenda, hope you are doing well, I totally love the ruffle on your card. so sweet and special! :)

Moz said...

Wow, B! Amazing! Looks like fun too!