Sunday, September 15, 2013

Just For You #1

I needed to make two cards to send out this week and I had it in my head that I wanted to use a die cut and cut it twice and re-insert the second die cut back into the negative space of the first one, and of course, true to form, I went with a finicky floral die cut from Memory Box!

It was a challenge!  But I like it and I like the pretty papers that came in one of my SSS Monthly Card Kits.

And I have another Zentangle tile to share with you.  My dearest friend Lisa reminded me that I had these coasters form PTI in my stash somewhere so I went in search of them and tangled on one to see how it would take the Micron Pen ink and it totally behaved.

That Mooka (the flamingo looking necks) is going to require a lot, I mean a lot, of practice!  But I really like how my "vortex" looking thingy came out, (official name = Striping).  I like how you can create areas that look like light is bouncing off the surface and also how the shading can really help to round the design.  Then I added some Msst, some Mumsy and some Tipple (the circles), all official tangle names.

I had a bit of me time yesterday and decided to catch up on a movie on my PVR.  Well, I found this movie, "Letters to God", based on a true story, I tell you, I did NOT record that movie because I do not even recall seeing the name on TV in order to record it!  It taped itself , I'm telling you - and boy, I looked like a chameleon this morning with these huge puffy eyes because I cried my heart out, really,  I was crying so much at one point that I just decided, there is no one here, so just let it all out!  I'm not telling you this for you to feel sorry for me, please, I am  a big cry baby anyway, but this movie, wow, we really are not on this earth for ourselves.  Watch the movie if you haven't already, you'll see.  I also loved the music and just managed to get the Movie Soundtrack on iTunes.  Just wanted to share, it really resonated with me.

Have the most wonderful day!


Pam W Merwin said...

Your card is beautiful, Brenda! Loving the Zentangle - what details ;) AND you have me very curious about the movie. Have not heard of it, so will definitely check it out. Thanks for the suggestion. You are not alone about crying - when something grabs hold of my heart, I just let it out :) Have a blessed day!

Lisa said...

Hey you! LOVE the zentangle- that vortex is amazing!! You are really doing well with it which is more than I can say for myself! Glad you liked the coasters. Mine are working wonderfully (now if only I had half your talents)
Lovely card too btw- that die is so pretty!
I have seen the movie a long time ago, but remember it was a tear jerker and that I loved it too :)
Miss you girl XX

alexandra s.m. said...

wow! I love the soft elegance of your card and the striking beauty of your Zentangle dear Brenda!
One talented Lady indeed!!

Hugs from the Midwest~

Jacqueline said...

So delicate and pretty!

Lin said...

I LOVE how your card turned out, Brenda! I've only made one of these cards; must try it again - results are wonderful!
And your zentangle today - WOW! What a fun design, almost like a flower inside a stylized heart!
Haven't heard of that movie either, but will go check it out now - thanks!
Have a great week!

Cindy C. said...

Very pretty card Brenda! Love the die shape card base!

Trinh said...

First, your card is so pretty! I love the soft pinks and the swipes of color on the background. Second, I can really see how you are progressing with the Zentangles! The vortex looks cool. Lastly, thanks for sharing about the movie with us. I will have to see if I can find it.

walchowDesign said...

The card shaped matches so well with your the flowers, Brenda!

Lisa said...

PRETTY card Brenda, love the fun shape and your great use of the die cuts! The flamingo looking part of your Zentangle sort of reminds me of a heart!

Maureen Morton said...

The card is stunning, Brenda. I hate fussing with those Memory Box dies - refuse to do it! But this is so worth it. Your tangling is really going to town! Have a great day.