Sunday, December 16, 2012

Purple People Pleaser

I'm not even sure if  I have the name right but I took my in-laws for a nice treat at a Victorian Home turned into a pretty English Garden the day before they left, and Natasha had this Purple People Pleaser drink which tasted WONDERFUL!!!

Here is another card which I made various versions of for one of my Teacher Gift sets.  The stamps are from PTI.

On a different note...I was busy Skyping with my hubby earlier this afternoon, the dog was laying on her bed in the house when I heard a noise and kept very quiet as I had no idea what it was, maybe an intruder.  I then heard the dog get up and shake her head and lots more noises so I walked slowly out into the open plan kitchen/dining/lounge area and lo and behold, about 8 monkeys were ransacking my kitchen!!!  They got a fright and chaos broke out when they knocked over a heavy glass cake dome which crashed to the floor and broke into what seemed like a million pieces, then more monkeys were moving in and out of the one window I had open and then the dog kind of woke up to all this and started making a dash for the closed glass all I could imagine was blood everywhere in the house so I grabbed the dog and dragged her into the guest loo and closed the door and tried my very best to chase these pests out through the one and only open window!  It was chaotic and I will be lying if I told you I was not shaking after this whole episode!  They really tried to stare me down and would not leave the perimeter of the house, staring at me through the window...just awful!  Now I am off to Google how to get rid of monkeys who become a pest and a danger.  They carry Rabies here and  I would hate it if one ever felt cornered and bit my little girl!

Life in Africa!


Arlene said...

Wonderful card, but what a horrid situation to be in. Hope you find a way to keep away the monkeys.

walchowDesign said...

Sounds like a lovely English cum Victorian treat, Brenda!
Lovely sweet peach card!

Gosh! It's such an adventure that your house was invaded by the monkeys! It must have been terrifying experience for you, Brenda.

The last time when I was surrounded by wild monkeys was while I was in an island in Malaysia after my relaxing spa!

Rosemary said...

that drink looks so yummy and the card is beautiful!! but oh my goodness how absolutely scarry for you to find a bunch of monkeys in your kitchen!! i would be so frightened, too... i hope you find a way to keep them out of your yard!!

Lisa said...

Jeepers Brenda that sounds like something right out of Jumanji! LOL Oh my word I guess your were shaking ~ poor thing. I hope you get this issue solved quickly.

Now about this lovely card, so very pretty with the orange blooms!

Martha said...

OH MY goodness, Brenda! Your story had me on the edge of my seat. Luckily, my husband was home so that I could share your brave experience with him, as I read it for the first time. He kept saying, "Monkeys? Monkeys?" I'm so glad you and sweet Sahara are safe. So glad it didn't get what you imagined could happen. What a startling experience that must have been. Never in a million years, could I ever imagine that happening to anyone I know, and in their own home. You're right, "Life in Africa!" Please keep those windows closed. :-) I would have also been shaking...BIG TIME!

OH now back to your beautiful...beautiful...card, I LOVE the pretty cluster of flowers paired with that pretty paper. I'm sure the teacher that received this set, absolutely loved it! I think flowers on cards, make the cards that much more interesting and beautiful!

What a wonderful treat for your in-laws and Natasha. That Purple People Pleaser drink sounds yummy! How FUN!

Please take care!
Sending you BIG HUGS!

paula said...

Gee Brenda I thought I had it bad with my daft cat dragging home deadly snakes! Think I'd rather face a half dead chewed up venomous snake than a pack of monkeys! At least there is only one snake to contend with. Your card is stunning. I love the colours & the stamp you used. The drink looks so pretty.

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

What a beautiful card, Brenda - so serene! What a horrible experience for you with the monkeys - they can be so vicious, I'm glad you and your pup weren't hurt! Happy holidays to you and your family!

Dawn Turley said...

WOW Brenda.... monkeys in the house. I'd be petrified..... don't these things always happen when we are alone. You were so brave to get them out. No wonder you were shaking...
On a happy note your card is delightful as was the gorgeous one that arrived in my letter box today!

Elizabeth Allan said...

Brenda there is a lot of "monkey" business going on at your home! So glad this story ended with them outside and you inside.

Beautiful card. The soft apricot colors are inspiring.

joy said...

Oh, my, Brenda! I cannot even imagine this horrific experience. I have never like monkeys, even in the zoo. And, to have them invading your home in such a way would be just terrifying. So glad you and your dog are okay. Your husband was probably alarmed, too!

Love the beautiful orange flowers on your card! So pretty and feminine; the teacher is sure to love it too.

Take extra care of yourself, Brenda!

Barb said...

OH, MY WORD!! What a horribly scary experience! I am so glad no one was bitten or hurt! I can't believe that happened to you, Brenda! Hope the situation gets resolved soon and you find a plan to keep them away - yikes!

Love your gorgeous card, and that purple drink looks delicious! Hugs to you!

CinnamonSally said...

Oh my goodness Brenda, what a scary thing to find you had monkeys in the house. So glad you managed to get rid of them without getting hurt..

Love the look of that purple drink!!

alexandra s.m. said...

Oh My Brenda!
I would have been so scared also!!
Glad everything ended well!

Love your card BTW!


Michelle said...

Brenda, this story is horrifing! I hope your daughter were safe! I could only imagine how scared you were...there is nothing like having a man around the house! Please stay safe and know we care!