Thursday, August 18, 2011


No significant stamping on this card!  I remembered that I had a few Glimmer Screen Stencils and Glimmer Mist bottles from Tattered Angels and thought I would play a little.  The colour yellow was still quite vivid in my mind so I went with that and paired it with some Graphite mist and a deep grey (I think it's called Smokey Grey) cardstock from PTI.

Paper: Neenah; PTI
Ink: Glimmer Mist (Graphite & Yellow Daisy); Versafine Onyx Black
Stamps: WPlus9 (Sweet Nothings)
Other: Glimmer Screens stencil (Fanciful Stencils); MFT Rolled Flower; Black gem

As you know with Glimmer Mist you get the most beautiful shine, but unfortunately that is tough to capture on camera, so you just have to believe me that this card is "shining"!

After putting my stencil down (I used the large butterfly in the set with only three quarters of the butterfly actually showing), I then spritzed lightly with the yellow and then very lightly with the graphite.  I die cut the rolled flower and sprayed it with the same inks, just more Graphite, and then rolled it and adhered a black pearl to the centre before adhering it to the card.

I love this sentiment set by WPlus9 called "Sweet Nothings", the font is simply beautiful and the sentiments are very thoughtful.

Another CAS card to add to my arsenal as proof that I am more CAS than anything else!

It's going to be super hot here again today, so hopefully we will be in the pool a bit later!

We met my daughter's teacher last night, it went well except that it was so hot, some problem with the AC in the school.  When we left to go home our car said it was 113F!  Both my daughter and I get a bit cranky in the extreme heat unless we are in water, so, needless to say, she lost the plot and starting really acting up and did something that we were not happy with.  So, trying to show her that there are consequences to all our behaviours, we took away a "priviledge", and we said that she could not swim when we got home!  OMG!  It was the end of her world!  (Between you and I, to hold up that punishment was the toughest thing ever simply because I could totally relate with what she must have been feeling in that extreme heat - you know, like witholding water from a really thirsty person!)  That's when I start questioning whether I am doing things right as a parent!  Is that incidence going to be THE ONE that sticks in her head forever and makes her hold a grudge against me or see me as the wicked witch and never forgive me!  Can anyone relate to what I am saying?

Anyway, let's hope Natasha is not cranky today as I really don't want to withold this from her again!  It's just too tough for me!

Wishing you all a fantastic day!


Rosemary said...

gosh... what a beautiful card, brenda!! love the big gorgeous butterfly! i think you did the right thing with your daughter, brenda... and i don't think she will hold this against you for the rest of her life!

Jacqueline said...

Another striking creation Brenda!

sheila said...

first of all Brenda, your card is really stunning in it's simplicity. Just love your image and the sentiment is really perfect. And, secondly, no.....your daughter won't remember this for the rest of her life and hold it against you...haha-there will be much more BIGGER events when she is in her teens that will annoy her! take it from a mom whose daughters are 21 and 18 and all three of us have "short memories" ;-)

CinnamonSally said...

Fabulous card Brenda, and I agree with Rosemary the only punishment children really understand is to with hold a treat. Trust me she will not hold it against you, from experience you did the right thing!

Donna Bowman said...

Stunning card Brenda!! I love everything about it!!!

Stella said...

I know what you mean but your daughter will not hold this against you for the restof your life. There will be other issues..much bigger.... so stick to your decision and she will overcome it :)

Oops; almost forgotten; your card is gorgeous!!Thanks for the reminder about using Glimmer Mist. They are somewhere in my closet :)

Lisa said...

I cannot wait to see this IRL!! YOWZA! Lovin' that graphite color with the yellow- so cool and modern. That big butterfly is amazing!!
You know I sympathize with you on the kid front :) Sticking to your guns is THE most difficult thing at times and I think Sheila is right about the short term memories!(thank goodness!)Have no fear- she's already forgotten my friend :)

Barb said...

Ah, parenting, it's never easy. Good for you for sticking to your guns on the consequence, Brenda. If you would have given in, she would not have learned the lesson you were trying to teach her. She will remember this, but for the right reasons, and next time she'll think twice about doing something wrong.

Love your gorgeous card, by the way! that is a beautiful butterfly!

Emily Leiphart said...

Wow, this might be my new favourite card of yours, Brenda! I want to go out and buy a bunch of Glimmer Mists and spray cards to my heart's content. Remember the 'bathroom people'?! LOL

I certainly know what you mean about the punishments we inflict on our children. Sometimes I wonder if I'm traumatizing my son by giving him timeouts, etc, etc. but I'm sure he's learning something... hopefully! Like you, I find it VERY hard to punish but it has to be done. I don't think you (or I) have anything to worry about... I think. LOL

Dawn said...

Wow this really is stunning. I believe you did the right thing sticking to the punishment, no matter how hard it was... children have to learn that actions have consequences and I bet by the next day she'll have forgotten all about it.

walchowDesign said...

Beautiful cool bg colour and the sentiment is so thoughtful.

It's not easy being a parent but I would say stick to your principle and she will learn where her limit is!

Elizabeth Allan said...

Brenda this is stunning! Thanks for sharing your story. I admire that you held to your decision in such a difficult situation. Tomorrow will be a new a fresh day!

Alice Wertz said...

fabulous simple design. gorgeous card, Brenda! love love it!

Sue said...

Lovely card Brenda, that butterfly makes a statement, and so does your sentiment. It is almost symbolic with what you have just experience with your little girl!
I remember a time when I curtailed my daughter for a wrong doing and she became very distressed, I felt sick, but I stuck it out as I knew it was not acceptable behaviour, she was 4 years old at the time, she is now 27years old and I recalled the episode a few years back with her, and you know what she could not remember any of it!!!! YET, I can remember every detail, what does that tell you.
Try not to beat yourself up about it Brenda, it was a moment, and it has passed, for her at least.

Trinh said...

I LOVE this card, Brenda! It's CAS perfection!

I can completely relate to your story. It is tough to enforce punishments but we will be glad we did so in the long run. We all know a well-behaved kid doesn't happen accidentally. Fortunately 5 year olds don't dwell on things the way we do. :)