Tuesday, May 31, 2011


(2nd post of the day)

Ok, I am starting to feel really guilty now that  I have not thanked a number of people who passed on some "blog awards" to me.  I don't know why I did not act on them immediately, I guess I just felt odd about accepting it publicly, but I did thank each and everyone, one on one.

Some of these awards came with requirements, so I am going to first, post the awards and mention who so kindly and generously felt that I was deserving of these, and then I will attempt to fulfil some of the requirements.  The one requirement I will not answer is the one where you have to pass it on to a number of other bloggers you admire etc....BECAUSE, the truth is, that every blogger I follow I totally, totally admire, and the truth be known, I would most likely want to pass it back to the person who passed it on to me in the first place plus all the bloggers I follow! So, for those of you I follow and admire, and you all know who you are, these awards are all for you!

So,let's start, thank you.....

- Lai-Yoke from walchowDesign who gave me this award:
- Sally over at Cinnamon Sally Designs and Emily over at Art From The Heart for this award:
I have about another three of these and for the life of me I cannot track down my notes as to who passed them on to me, so please do not be offended if it was you, I really have appreciated them and I will make a more concerted effort to thank people immediately in the future!

So part of most of these awards was also to mention some facts about oneself and post a favourite photo.  Here is one of many favourite photos, but this one was so unplanned and spontaneous. Natasha was barely three, Sahara, our dog, was just a pup, about 3 months or so, if that, and we were in South Africa, getting ready to take my daughter to her first school play in which she was a Ladybug! 

Oh so precious!

Some little facts about me you may not know:
  • I am actually French, born in France but have lived in South Africa since 1972, until 2010.
  • I have a sister that is 5 years younger who lives in South Africa and a brother who is 2 years older and lives in France.
  • I have run two full Marathons (26.2 miles), and one Ultra (30 miles) - and plan to run some more, god willing!
  • I was very lucky to be chosen to hike to the Base Camp of Mount Everest in Nepal, in 2003, which is the same height of Mt. Kilimanjaro,  19 341 Feet!
  • I was charged by an Elephant whilst on a 7 day hiking trail through the Matusadona Nature Reserve in Zimbabwe!
  • I bathed for 7 days in a crocodile (not alligators) invested lake in the above Nature Reserve, they were so close that you had only 1 minute to dash out of the water from the time you saw their eyes sink below the surface!
  • All those wild things I have just mentioned, I would do them all over again today at the drop of a hat!  That is when I feel alive! 
So that's me, nothing too exciting!

Thank you all for visiting my blog and for being so generous with your kindness and encouragement and awards!


Lisa said...

Crocodile infested water??! You really ARE a crazy girl!! :) hehe And now you're just livin' on the edge...here in the lap of excitement...(Oh sorry- I better quit that or you really will leave!! not without me I hope!) You need to take me to THAT place some day :)

CinnamonSally said...

Brenda you have led a very exciting and dangerous life. Crocodiles and elephants rather you than me LOL and you must be extreamly fit as well marathons and hiking up mountains, I am so unfit!!!

Rosemary said...

nothing too exciting??? jeez... i have never nor will i ever take a bath in an crocodile infested lake... but climbing to base camp at mt. everest would be really cool! that photo of your wee one and puppy is just adorable!!

Barb said...

What a sweet photo, Brenda! Love learning more about you. You must be so bored living here in the states now after all those exciting places! Ha! :)

Sue Lelli said...

OMGosh! Nothing too exciting? I beg to differ my blog friend! Sounds REALLY exciting to me! And I ADORE that photo of your daughter and your dog! FABULOUS!

Trinh said...

What, nothing too exciting?! You've had more excitement than I could handle. Love that sweet photo!

susanne said...

Love all the hiking you've done ... wish I were there! This is a lovely posting Brenda, I really enjoyed it!

Dawn said...

Nothing Exciting!!!!!!! My oh my... that's a bit of an understatement Brenda.... The photo is very precious and great to know a bit more about you....

Michelle said...

Wow! You are AMAZING!!! I would be too afraid to accomplish what you have accomplished! Your daughter is beautful! Great to know more about you, Brenda!! :):)

Tiffany said...

I adore reading all of these things about you! My goodness! You have a much more exciting life than I do! LOL! I am afraid of just dirt in my house! I applaud you for being fearless, my friend!!

Emily Leiphart said...

WOWZERS! Congrats on the awards. I LOVE your darling photograph and all those things you've done? AMAZING. You are a true inspiration!!