Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mother's Day

As my Mom lives in South Africa I needed to get her card made so that I can post it ASAP!  (My sister received her Christmas card at the end of March - so now you can understand!).

I was browsing around some of my favourite artists on Flickr this morning and I was so inspired by a card made by Jacqueline, you can see her card HERE, that I decided to CASE her card just a little.

Paper: cardstock (PTI); patterned paper (K & Co.); Neenah Solar White
Ink: Versafine Onyx Black; Juniper Dye Ink (CTMH)
Stamps: Hero Arts; Copic Marker
Other: PTI Edgers Die #2; PTI Tiny Tags Die; Corner Chomper; Gem (Recollections)

I just cannot quite pull it off like Jacqueline does.  I was happy with the entire card, until it came to adding a sentiment then I hit a brick wall! I eventually decided to use one of the Tiny Tag Dies by PTI which I then stamped with the HA Envelope Stamp before stamping the sentiment. I coloured the little gem with a matching Copic marker.

Aah!  Will I ever be happy? As long as my Mom is, that's what matters most!

And the good news is that my Mom, Sister and Niece are coming over for a two week visit toward the end of June!  I just had to see them now, I could not wait any longer.  I miss my sister so badly.

When we lived in South Africa in the same town I visited her every single weekend, we did so much together.  Then they moved 5 hours away and I would drive down there with my daughter, (and hubby when he was home), once a month! Sometimes I think I am so different to most people I meet because that bond between me and my family (sister, Mother, brother) and the one between my daughter and I, it's so strong at times that it is almost palpable.  I cannot really explain it.  It's like they are an extension of me and me of them!  Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes it isn't, it makes me as vulnerable to the pleasure of it as it does to the pain of it!

Oops, and there I went, off at a see, my partner is not here to listen to me....oh man, I miss him as if someone had taken pieces of my heart away, pieces one cannot do without!

Ok, I think I need to go and get lost in my craft room!


lynzw21 said...

Oh Brenda, you really are hard on yourself! It always seems that the cards you don't like are the ones that especially make me go WOW when I see them!! I thought the Mom pendant was a perfect little touch :)

As for missing your family, I can definitely relate to that. All of my family is back in England and I really do miss my Mum and Dad so much. We talk on the phone twice a week, often for almost 2 hours!! I hate that we have never been able to experience just popping over for a cuppa in the afternoons etc, or meeting for lunch on a weekend as I went straight from living in their house to moving to the other side of the world. I really get sad when I think of the relationship I am missing out on with my little sis too, as we have grown so much closer since we have grown up and I hate that we can't go for nights out, or girly shopping trips :( But, I love living out here, and the lifestyle, and wouldn't want to change that- why can't we have both hey?!

You enjoy the time you have with them all when they visit! My parents arrive for a 2 week stay this Sunday, and I can't wait to soak up all that quality time with them so it can last me tilthe next trip :)

Lynsey xxx

Alice Wertz said...

the patterned paper you used is so pretty, Brenda! gorgeous card! your mom will love this! =)

walchowDesign said...

Beautiful soft colour card, Brenda! The coloring on the butterfly matches perfectly with the background.

So sorry to hear that you miss your families so much and I must say that it's partly due to the absence of your husband! DH plays a big role in our life especially when we are abroad. They are like a sponge absorbing all our complaints, nitty gritty, etc....

Brenda, don't let this disturb you too much and I always (I tried) tell myself that there are people who are worse then us!

Jacqueline said...

Brenda, your card is beautiful, these colors seem to enhance this design wonderfully!
Totally understand your desire to be around your family, especially as DH is gone for a while. You know that these thoughts come to plague us, usually in the evening hours, when we are tired - that is always my key to not ponder too much on these thoughts, just go to bed and you can put everything into perspective in the morning!

susanne said...

Your card is so beautiful Brenda! Your mom will just love it! I do agree with you's wonderful to be close to your family ... but it's so easy to worry about everyone . I think Jacqueline gave you some excellent advice :)! Keep yourself busy ... keep making those wonderful cards and try not to dwell too much on things. :)! Happy Easter to you Brenda!

jintyoo7 said...

Amazing card, Brenda! Your mum will be thrilled because you made it and it is so beautiful. Sending you a hug from someone who empathizes with you enormously, well not the husband part - LOL (I am now single) .

My family are all in the UK and various other parts of the world.My dad has just been over for 3 months, which was so lovely. Not sure when I'll get to go home though - work :(

Keeping busy is sound advise and if it produces more of your stunning work - all the better for us. :o)

Tiffany said...

This is so, so pretty, ultra soft and serene, what a wonderful take on Jacqueline's card, you've really captured that shabby/vintage look as well, your mom will adore it!! Oh, I bet you can't wait til June, I'm super excited for you to be near family again, yay!

Elena C said...

Beautiful card Brenda...and I appreciate your being transparent about missing your family. A lot of us understand. All of my family lives out of state, and it's very hard. But on the other hand, it makes us appreciate family and friendships.

Good job on your cards.

~Tammy~ said...

Your Mom will love this and what a wonderful and special bond you have with her and your family! Cherish it! Wow, that is something how long it takes the mail! I knew it takes a while for international, but that is something! Beautiful pattern paper! :-)

Cathy Fong said...

Totally love this pretty , soft and feminine card! Your mom will love this for sure! Your post make me miss my mom even more :) I live apart from her too. thanks for inspiring me with this card and ur post.

Michelle said...

You have to stop writing such sad blogs...I need a kleenex every time I visit you! :(
I have one sister and three brother and we see and speak to eachother several days a week. My mom, almost every day! I couldn't bare the thought of them not around me. I'm raising my three kids the same way!
I really hope your husband comes home soon and safe! Hope you have a happy Easter!

Oh, this card is gogeous!

Emily Leiphart said...

Brenda, it's so wonderful to hear your strong connection with your family. I don't have that with my mom and I certainly don't have that with my sister.

Your card is BEAUTIFUL! I love the edger on patterned paper and the space between the butterfly and tag makes this card perfect.