Sunday, July 9, 2017

IAST #202

You can find all the details of Adele's It's a String Thing challenge on her BLOG. We had three tangles that we could use with a set string, although in Zentangle nothing is set in stone. I opted for a Renaissance tile this time as I typically stay away from them as they make me feel uncomfortable.  Here is my entry:
Tangles: Pop-Cloud; Xplode; CO 2

I just admire how firstly, people actually come up with tangles and are able to draw the step by step instructions so effortlessly, and secondly how they come up with the names for the tangles!  I lack total creativity when it comes to that.

This was fun.  I enjoyed exploring more with the black and the brown micron and also decided to apply the white charcoal a bit more heavily.  I think in the past I have been too "gentle" with adding shading.  It's time to get bold!

Have a blessed day!

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