Monday, October 2, 2017


The CZT's have started an Inktober Tangles list for this month.  I am going to try my very best to participate for the whole month, let's see.

This is the list for anyone who wants to join in and you can post it on social media with #inktobertangles2017.

Here is my contribution using Bunzo:

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

ZENTANGLE: DIVA Challenge #332

It's been a while since my last post, life has just been busy and I've been drawing other things.  But I needed to tangle, I was missing it, so I went to the Diva's site, HERE, and decided to participate in her current challenge called "Two Squared".  The basic requirement was to draw a string comprising of two squares.  Here is my interpretation:

Starawn; Rick's Paradox

I simply overlaid two squares and used two tangles, then added some flourish.  Simple.  Lots of white space.

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, September 3, 2017


Adele is already at over 1 Million viewers!  Quite a feat and a testament to her work and the effort she puts into her blog and her Zentangle community.  Well done Adele!

The details for  this week's challenge can be found HERE on her blog.  I made time out of my "other" drawing time to actually tangle a bit and put this tile together for this challenge:
Tangles; Jetties; Lollywimple; Purk

It was a nice change to relax and tangle for a bit.

All my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Houston and friends in Katy, Texas dealing with the effects of Hurricane Harvey!  We know all too well what havoc these acts of nature can dish out, having just gone through some life changing fire devastation in our little town.

Wishing you all a blessed day.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Diva Challenge #329

I had some time to participate in the latest Diva Challenge, you can find all the details on her blog HERE.  Marguarite Samama is the guest blogger there and wanted us to use the Fragment D1 from the Zentangle Primer book.  I sat down over a cup of coffee and enjoyed my tangling.
Fragment D1; Printemps

And on a side note, I also had time to create some other tiles that I will just share here.
 Molygon; Scute; Tipple; Somnus; Flux
Diva Dance; Hollibough; Hypnotic; Lisbon Fragment

It's raining, I am happy!  Have a blessed day!

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Rose

I was admiring pictures of some Botanical Tangles and decided to get Sharla Hicks' book called Tangled Inspired Botanicals.  I only managed to get to page 20 where I spent a lot of time studying "the rose" and how Sharla had drawn it.

So today I sat down and drew it on a Zentangle Renaissance tile, adding some light pink Pan Pastel to the background as well as white charcoal highlights and graphite for shading.  Now I'll continue working through her book that has such lovely drawings.

Wishing you a lovely day!

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Sun Always Comes Up....

Despite the recent fires that devastated our town, the blackness that surrounds us both physically and emotionally, the sadness, the anger, the shock.....the sun still rises each day and on a recent morning run I decided to take my cellphone with in the hope of catching some photos that would give me a boost of positiveness, and this is what I saw.....

Brenton On Lake - the promise of a spectacular sunrise!

It was around 6h45am, cold, dark, but it did not disappoint.

I could have focused on the blackness of the trees, the death of them, the coldness of the ashen ground....but instead I chose to see through the trees and take note of the beautiful picture they helped to create.

I am so very grateful for what we have!

Just sharing.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

IAST #203

A lovely cold and rainy day to relax and tangle for Adele Bruno's challenge after the Knysna Forest Marathon I ran yesterday with my running friends! At least this part of the forest was saved from the fire so it was still a beautiful run.  It's my second one.  It's tough!  I may not be doing it again!

My friend Jo (super fast runner) and I (a slower runner)

Our group who ran the marathon, we are called the Trailblazers.  With some personal fans!

And here is the tile I made for Adele's latest challenge to use the following two tangles:
Sez and Trilad

I was a bit at a loss as to how to use the two tangles, but I persevered, although I am not overly thrilled with the outcome.  I am looking foward to see how others have used these tangles, I definitely needs some help!

Have a blessed Sunday.  Ours is coming to an end.  Watched the Wimbledon Men's Finals and todays Tour De France!  Love it!